Double Your Email Subscribers With One Change

When you can’t get people to purchase your product right then and there you need a back up. This is why so many people recommend having an email list. This is all well and good but anyone who has tried knows getting people to sign up for that is hard as heck. You can create … Continue reading “Double Your Email Subscribers With One Change”

5 Reasons To Stop Writing List Posts

1) People Only glance and leave The entire point of list posts is that they are meant to be ‘scanned’. People don’t want to spend too much time reading and the headline informing them that what they are about to read is scannable makes them more likely to click it and read. The issue is … Continue reading “5 Reasons To Stop Writing List Posts”

How One Small Change Increased My Conversion Rate 200%

I had just gotten the job. It was one of my first with a larger company. I needed to prove myself but at the same time not rock the boat too much. It takes time for a large ship to change course. Which is why I was actually in a perfect situation. Their website was … Continue reading “How One Small Change Increased My Conversion Rate 200%”

Why You Shouldn’t Use Squarespace

This morning I woke up and made the decision that I was going to help people out with Squarespace. You see, I’ve used it a lot in the past and even though I no longer use it and much prefer coding things myself, I knew I could probably help those who need it. Whenever I … Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Use Squarespace”